Pediatric Dentistry in La Mesa to Keep Kids’ Teeth Healthy

Pediatric dentistry focuses on the special dental and oral care needs of children, from infants to teenagers. Dr. Ben Mandel, combines his diagnostic skills, gentle treatments, and a reassuring manner to help our young patients feel more at ease during their visits. Our dentist also serves as an educator, teaching both kids and parents the importance of brushing, flossing, eating and drinking foods that support dental health. We encourage regular checkups and cleanings to develop healthy habits that will assist them in keeping optimal health throughout their lifetime.

Deciduous or “baby” teeth generally grow in between the ages of 4 months and 33 months, and between the ages of 6 and 12 they fall out to make way for the permanent teeth growing in underneath them. These baby teeth can develop decay and other problems just as permanent teeth can; what’s more, young children sometimes grind their new teeth, a condition called bruxism that in extreme case can harm the tooth surfaces. Dr. Mandel can prescribe night guards for such cases while also monitoring the ongoing health of baby teeth and ingrowing permanent teeth.

Dental care is critically important at all times, but especially so during childhood when good (or bad) habits and lifestyles are established. Pediatric dentistry techniques such as regular checkups and cleanings help keep teeth and gums healthy while helping children get used to the routine instead of developing dental phobias. Learning the proper ways to brush and floss are important and making the process fun for children will help them maintain these healthy habits.

Dr. Mandel counsels parents on the dangers of sugary foods, the importance of proper home hygiene, and the value of mouthguards for protecting teeth during athletic events. We continue to evaluate and treat permanent teeth and oral tissues as needed into the teenage years and evaluate the possible need for orthodontia.

Scheduling Pediatric Dentistry for Your Family

We encourage parents to discuss pediatric dentistry for their families as early as possible. By the time a child reaches the age of 1 or his first baby tooth erupts, it is wise to initiate a regular program of professional dental care. We also urge parents, especially new parents, to speak with our pediatric dentist right from the beginning about ways they can provide sound dental hygiene, diet and nutrition at home, thus assuring healthier teeth and gums for the entire family. Contact our La Mesa pediatric dentistry team for details.