Historically, patients who suffer from tooth loss have either had to go without those teeth or have had to use oral structures like dentures to treat their pain associated with having a missing or damaged tooth. As time has gone on, the option for replacing teeth have almost exclusively been focused on full or partial, removable, non-permanent dentures and dental bridges.

Although dentures and dental bridges have their benefits for replacing teeth and restoring the appearance and functionality of a healthy smile, they are also notoriously inconvenient. Their inconvenience doesn’t just involve having to take the structure out of the mouth for cleaning, they lack long-term structural support, cause loss in the efficacy as the shape of the mouth changes, and create general discomfort as well. Thankfully, Dr. Mandel offers a dental solution that combats each of these inconveniences and enhances the aesthetic of the dental structure as a whole: Dental Implants.


There are a number of reasons dental implants are preferred by patients over dentures as a teeth replacement option. The overarching reason being that implant supported restoration are a permanent, non-removable solution to oral health problems caused by missing, failing or damage teeth. Another common reason patients prefer dental implants is that once an implant is in place and the jawbone is fully healed, the strength and stability of the implanted teeth is comparable, if not better than the natural teeth left in the mouth. A third reason for preference of dental implants is the process of maintenance. Unlike with dentures and dental bridges, implants require only routine oral hygiene maintenance to stay viable.

When a patient utilized dental implants, they never again have to worry about replacing slipping or sliding teeth, or having their teeth fall out during a routine activity. Implants are easy to care for, easy to upkeep, and never need to be removed or adjusted. Patients love the natural feel of implants and often enjoy the freedom they gain in their everyday activities such as eating, drinking and going to bed.

One major reason dentists like Dr. Mandel prefer implants is due to the implants ability to prevent jawbone loss, reduce the presence of receding gums and prevent even further tooth loss by providing a complete replacement of all missing parts of the teeth including the roots.


If you have broken, damaged or missing teeth and want a more comfortable oral solution, Dr. Mandel has an exciting treatment option for you. Dental implants are a permanent solution for your tooth loss problems. With an outstanding 98% success rate, Dr. Mandel is your trusted dentist for dental implant procedures. Contact our office located in La Mesa, CA to schedule your own no-obligation dental implant consultation with Dr. Mandel today!