Dr. Ben Mandel has dedicated his career to perfecting the dental implant process and providing a comprehensive dental implant treatment that is convenient, comfortable, and most importantly effective. Through his dedication, Dr. Mandel has been able to help patients missing one, multiple and even full arches of teeth to achieve perfect smiles with dental implants.

At Ben Mandel DDS, the dental implant process includes four important steps: patient consultation, surgery, recovery and restoration. For new patients, this means that before a surgery can be scheduled, patients must schedule a no-risk consultation with Dr. Ben Mandel.


In this initial consultation, Dr. Mandel will conduct a brief interview that will cover your oral history, health and goals. From there, Dr. Mandel will conduct a physical examination to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants. During this physical examination, Dr. Mandel will examine the structures of your mouth to ensure that your jawbone, gums and teeth will be healthy and strong enough to support the dental implant. If he finds any problems during this examination, like tooth decay, receding gum tissue or disease, then those problems will be addressed as the priority over the dental implant to ensure that when the implant procedure is done, the positive results will take. To better prepare patients with such issues for the dental implant procedure, Dr. Mandel also offers bone and soft tissue grafting to fortify the main areas of concern pre-surgery.


After your initial consultation and once Dr. Mandel has given you the go-ahead, the next step is scheduling your oral surgery for implantation. The surgery itself is a routine process and can be classified as a simple outpatient procedure.

To perform the operation, Dr. Mandel will use an advanced 3D imaging and planning tool that will allow him to carefully map out the best locations and orientation of the implants in order to provide the optimal smile for you as an individual. Using highly specialized dental technology, Dr. Mandel will then begin the implant procedure by preparing the implant site (gums and jawbone) and install the implants themselves. Once the implants are in place, the implant site will be temporarily sutured and restoration may or may not be attached (pending the treatment plan put in place).

The next step in the procedure after oral surgery is the recovery and healing process, which can require several months to fully complete.


Immediately following the dental implant process, the healing and osseointegration process will begin. Osseointegration can be better understood as the stimulation of new jawbone growth by the titanium material that makes up the dental implant roots. This stimulation causes new bone tissue to grow around the implant, in turn securing it to the patient’s jawbone. The osseointegration process alone takes several months to complete, making the healing process as a whole a fairly extensive one. Throughout this period you will have several scheduled check-ups to assess the progress of your healing and to ensure that no damage has been done to your implant.


Once the healing process has come to an end, your dental implant will be capable of supporting a variety of restoration types. Depending on your patient plan and oral goal, a restoration will be installed and your oral procedure will be complete.

Even with the extensive healing time of having a dental implant in comparison to other oral solutions, Dr. Mandel has found that patients report their lives being so drastically changed by the results of the procedure that they would do it all over again if they could. In fact, a number of patients have even returned to Dr. Mandel for additional implants thanks to the advantages and benefits that they were able to experience with the first set.

Schedule Your Dental Implant Consultation!

We all know how detrimental having a broken smile can be to one’s health and self-esteem. From embarrassment and discomfort to the inconvenience of not being able to use your mouth as nature intended, dental implants can change your life for the better. With the help of our dental implants, our patients are finally able to experience a permanent, non-removable and natural looking replacement solution the function just as healthy teeth would.

If you want to enhance your smile with a permanent solution to missing or broken teeth, contact our La Mesa, CA office to start the process today.