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When you’re missing teeth, you don’t smile, you don’t chew hard food, and this affects your confidence and health. The only way to preserve your jawbone tissue after tooth loss is with implants. Dr. Ben Mandel, located in La Mesa, California, and serving the El Cajon and Spring Valley areas, has been providing implant surgery and restorative dentistry for over 35 years. Call or click today to learn more about how implants can help you.

Dental Implants Q & A

What is a dental implant?

When you’ve lost one or more teeth, the bones of your jaw begin to deteriorate because of the absence of the roots of the lost teeth. While there are several ways to address missing teeth using bridges and dentures, these don’t affect the underlying bone, which may continue to erode, requiring periodic adjustments or replacement of your dental appliance.

A dental implant system is the only permanent solution that supports continued health for the bones of your jaw. The implant itself is a post that’s physically implanted into your jawbone where the natural tooth’s roots once were. After you receive an implant post and it integrates with the surrounding bone during the healing process, the implant serves as the foundation for a variety of tooth restorations.

How are tooth restorations attached to dental implants?

A dental implant isn’t a single device that’s the same for each procedure. The type of implant used depends on the approach to tooth replacement, and the implant itself may resemble a cylindrical post, screw, or blade. The most basic implant arrangement is a single post substituting for a single lost tooth. Once the post and jaw bone have healed, an artificial crown permanently attaches to the implant. This is the closest modern dentistry comes to a true tooth replacement.

However, implants can be used in other ways. If you’ve lost several teeth, a pair of implants may support a bridge of three or more teeth. Implant posts can also serve as anchors for removable denture plates, permitting secure, “snap-on” placement for dentures, bypassing the typical problems of keeping dentures in place.

What can I expect from a dental implant procedure?

Perhaps your best advantage in working with Dr. Mandel for your dental implants is his experience. While evidence of implanted teeth goes back thousands of years, Dr. Mandel’s experience isn’t quite that extensive. He’s been using modern implant procedures for over 35 years, and he’s recognized as an expert in the field of osseointegration, the process by which implants bind with bone.

Implant surgery is as painless as a dental filling, and after the implant has healed, ordinary dental impressions are used to construct your tooth restoration appliance, completing the most contemporary and effective tooth replacement system.