Here at Ben Mandel DDS, we treat patients of all types and all ages, and we are proud of the diverse range of dental care we offer. One of the most commonly needed dental devices today is the mouth protector.

The reason that a mouth protector is needed can vary, but sports injuries and collisions are some of the most common. We offer a range of different mouth protectors that are designed to fit the needs of any patient.

Mouth Protectors Can Help

Mouth protectors are one of the most effective ways to prevent injuries while playing sports. A group of studies conducted in 2007 showed that the overall risk of injuries was reduced significantly by wearing a mouthguard, sometimes called sports guards, during sporting events.

The studies indicated that overall injury risk was 1.6 to 1.9 times higher for sports participants who did not wear a mouthguard. Thus, whether your sport is basketball, boxing, football, karate, or even a non contact sport like gymnastics, there are major benefits to be derived from wearing a mouthguard.

Nightguards, Sports Guards, and Mouthguards

While mouthguards are most commonly used in the form of sports guards, this is definitely not the only time when a dental patient may need to use them. For example, patients who grind their teeth at night may need to wear nightguards.

Nightguards are made to cover the top teeth completely, and will place a layer of protection in between the top and bottom teeth. This will prevent the damage that would otherwise take place with teeth grinding.

The benefits of mouthguards, whether they are sports guards or nightguards, are essentially the same. These benefits can include:

  • Injury prevention: The tongue, teeth, gums, and even jaw can be partially protected by wearing a mouthguard.
  • Avoidance of Nerve Damage: A tooth can sustain nerve damage that can cause severe pain, and could possibly require surgery. A mouthguard can help avoid this damage.
  • Prevention of Tooth Loss: This is especially relevant in contact sports or in a collision of any type. A person who is wearing a mouthguard will have a much lesser chance of having the tooth completely knocked out than a person who isn’t wearing one.
  • Prevention of Chipped or Broken Teeth: While a chipped or broken tooth may just be a cosmetic defect, it can also be more serious, causing issues with eating and speaking normally. A mouthguard will help you avoid chipped and broken teeth.

There are several different types of mouthguards in relation to their customization level. While you can buy generic mouthguards at sporting goods stores, those are not customized for the person and will therefore never fit 100 percent effectively.

We create custom mouth protectors that are designed to contour to your mouth perfectly. This will assure a good fit and will provide you with the highest levels of mouth protection. Contact our La Mesa dental office today.