What is the Painless Teeth Whitening Procedure?

Unlike traditional whitening, Dr. Mandel suggests “instant whitening”. With just a few visits (all of them pain-free), a patient can enjoy a permanently corrected smile that is bright white and flawlessly aligned.

How long to the results last?

A. By following some simple post-whitening care instructions, your teeth should always be lighter than they were before the procedure. To help maintain them, we do recommend flossing, brushing after meals and using some custom-made take-home trays occasionally with gel to touch up the whitening.

What causes discoloration in the first place?

A. There are many potential reasons the teeth have gotten darker. It could be from coffee, tea, wine, smoking, or colas. In addition, anything that would stain a white shirt could stain the teeth. There are certain nuts, medications or berries that could also contribute to staining. During tooth formation, consumption of tetracycline or excessive fluoride may also cause tooth discoloration.

Who may benefit from tooth whitening?

A. Almost anyone can benefit from whitening their teeth. While the treatment works great for some, there are some people who have teeth that are resistant to the gels or maybe as mentioned earlier, have sensitivity and may not want to whiten. In addition, if you have a few porcelain crowns now in the front of your mouth, since those will not whiten with this process, it might be something you can discuss with your dentist about other options. We always advise a thorough oral exam and cleaning prior to considering whitening your teeth.

Is whitening safe?

A. Yes it is. There have been several extensive clinical studies that have shown not only the effectiveness of whitening, but this procedure has been around for many decades and the delivery system has just gotten easier and more convenient. As with most elective procedures, it is not advised for pregnant or lactating women, and nor is it recommended for children under 13 years of age.

How can I maximize the results of the bleaching process?

A. If you have a professional cleaning done shortly before you whiten, you will find you will get better results. (It would be comparable to washing your car before you wax it.) Avoiding foods that stain your teeth for a few days before and after the procedure will also improve your results.