Many Options for a More Beautiful Smile

Modern cosmetic dentistry offers a variety of techniques and technologies to help people improve the appearance of their teeth. But while these improvements can make a significant difference in their quality of life, they can also be puzzling for those who are considering them for the first time. Here are some frequently asked questions about cosmetic dentistry that we encounter at Ben Mandel DDS:

Why would I need cosmetic dentistry? 

People choose cosmetic dentistry for any of several reasons. You may have sustained damage to a tooth that left it jagged, crooked or discolored. You might have tooth staining that makes you shy about smiling, which can affect your professional and social life. You might even need a cosmetic restoration for primarily functional purposes, such as a crown that covers a cracked tooth to protect it from infection.

Why should I opt for professional teeth whitening? 

You may be able to whiten your teeth through the use of over-counter products, but these products tend to be messy, time consuming and only superficially effective. Professional teeth whitening uses trays of dental-grade peroxide to whiten teeth safely but dramatically, and a single session may be all you need to strip away years of discoloration.

What are veneers? 

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that a bonded to the surface of the teeth. They can change both the shape and the color of your teeth. They are ideal for closing spaces, straightening rotated teeth, lengthen broken or worn teeth and once bonded, they look very natural.

What are crowns and caps? 

Actually, they both describe the same thing — a metal or natural-colored restoration that fits over the entire top surface of a damaged tooth. After reshaping the enamel so it will hold the crown securely, we take impressions of the tooth and create a realistic crown that is cemented onto the enamel for years of beauty and functionality.

Will my insurance cover cosmetic dentistry?

While typical dental insurance covers only medically necessary procedures, some forms of restoration fit this description, however, purely cosmetic procedures do not. We offer a offer variety of other payment methods to make things easier, from accepting major credit cards to a dental financing
program called CareCredit.

Cosmetic Dentistry at Our La Mesa Clinic

While we hope these answers will be helpful to a vast number of people, we treat each patient as an individual case with specific needs and preferences. The best way to get all of your cosmetic dentistry questions answered to your satisfaction is to contact our clinic and schedule an initial consultation.