Dr. Ben Mandel


Dr. Ben Mandel’s love of dentistry stems from a longstanding curiosity about health and science. After graduating from the University of Berkeley, Ben started to follow in his father’s footsteps on the path to a PhD. in Chemistry. During school Ben decided to switch his focus to Dentistry and went to NYU and pursued his dental degree there. He stayed there an extra year and mentored fellow students in the dental program there while taking additional graduate courses in Orthodontics and Gum Surgery. While continuing to develop his skills, he applied and was admitted to the Veteran’s Administration Hospital Dental Residency Program in Martinez for another year. This broad experience gave him the strong background for preparing him to open his own dental practice in Santa Clara, California. Then after practicing there for many years, Ben and his wife decided to move home to the San Diego area in 2006.

Dr. Mandel found not only does he enjoy to cosmetic part of dentistry but he enjoys being able to provide his patients comprehensive care in terms of orthodontics and dental implants as well. All this is based on a long foundation of biologically sound and holistic approach to the overall well-being of his patients. Being a perennial student, Dr. Mandel finds himself attending many continuing education courses every year to constantly integrate new technologies into his practice. The field of dentistry is continually improving and Dr. Mandel’s philosophy is to take advantage of these advances in science to provide the best care possible for his patients. This is why he has received many awards and certificates from his peers for being a Top Dentist”. In addition he has received the prestigious award of Diplomate from the American Society of Osseointegration (ASO) for over 30 years of skillfully placing and restoring dental implants.

Dr. Mandel balances his technical knowledge with his friendly personality and warm charm. His dedication to his patients is obvious in his work. He continuously focuses on the comfort of his patients and his goal is to meet and exceed every patient’s expectations.

When he is not working at the office, he loves spending time with his two boys and his wife. He has a wide variety of passions including tinkering on old cars, painting murals, gardening and he also is a published author. When you meet Dr. Mandel you will get to feel the sincere warmth in his handshake and his continuous smile welcoming you to his practice!